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It's great to see new animations of your's coming out, great work as usual and glad to see your skills skyrocket (literally in this case) keep it up :)

Nice to see you posting videos again here and a good way to tell your story. You may want to alter the "heavenly father and earthly mother" as it is likely to stir a lot of unrest, especially with Catholics, Christians and other subsets of these religions. Otherwise great message :)

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RiverJordan responds:

I think somewhere deep down... I really like stirring the pot on the collective mind ;)

So happy to see these coming out again, great job as always and thank you for the food for thought :)

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With the Easter eggs, diamonds, Christmas presents and so on, it seems like the drop rate is under an exponential decay based on how many you already have.
Meaning the more you have the slower you get them. I left my game on for 3 nights just so i could collect the 500 eggs to get the concrete clothespin. This system though frustrating makes sense. It makes things fast for the initial hook but slows things down so you can't blaze through the content.

Now for an actual review of the game, I've been playing this game since launch and it's been a great time, just what i need to keep me just distracted enough that I can work properly. I know it sounds odd, but in reality ADD is odd and this just works. The systems are fair and the monetization is clever and I approve. Watching an add to get a bonus make the adds feel like a trade for a reward rather than an annoyance and for those who don't want to watch the add being a supporter is an effective way to get around it. All in all still having a good time years later and many other games struggle at this so great work as always and keep going Berzerk Studio and all your employees.

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It's a good game
Vast Improvement over the past installments so I commend you for your work but there are a few things that I would advise you doing or changing.
0 First is spelling errors, Riffle --> Rifle, ingener/ enginer --> engineer, and etcetera.
1 Additionally there are some balancing issues that could be fixed. First and foremost once weapons change from high rate of fire to low rate of fire high damage the actual DPS according to the math drops immensely. Linked in with that it appears that the max level rifle gun can actually fire off it's full burst by the time it loads making it's actual DPS much lower than it should be. This problem also links over to the Alien weapons as well.
2 My second biggest complaint is the home built guns. These weapons are crap. just outright. since the other weapons damage and HP increases at an increasing rate it is impossible for the weapon to catch up. I would just change the math to be an exponential function or something similar for the damage. The burst thing is fine with the 1.5 second reload but honestly the burst thing is needlessly complicated from both a coding and optimization standpoint so if you make a fourth I would try to avoid that.
3 you can miss picking up engineers and launch pads since the base that pops up at the end because the magnet can't actually get all of it. This means that you can miss out on critically important upgrades to your base.
4 The difference in the power of weapons is crazy at max level the rockets are useless dealing practically no damage compared to the others. Lasers are alright due to their range but still lack damage. but mathematically the lvl 20 rifle turret deals over 3000 damage per second, that's more than the rocket has in raw damage value. So some balancing is in order.
5 my final complaint is that it seems that you can miss out on getting equipment upgraded. I know that the magnet is a better version of the collector but I don't have it. It might be unlocked later but considering I'm no longer getting upgrades I think I've missed out on them

I do have a few pet peeves with no splash with the rocket (at least that I have noticed) lasers not being instantaneous and just bad weapon tracking with them all choosing the same targets that they could each kill with a single shot. But these are either difficult to fix or just a preference that doesn't matter to much. Either way they don't effect gameplay to any great degree so it's really up to you.

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The game is unique and interesting but it has some crippling control errors, most notably the sticking keys. For me while programing I normally come across this when using the key press command to trigger an event. To solve this (in addition to the multiple key press error) using the key up and key down commands to toggle a Boolean is often much more consistent and fluid.

P.S. While writing this review noticed that some of my keys are unresponsive on occasion so if this is simply an error in my keyboard I apologise for the needlessly negative criticism.

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Very creepy and though I'm not personally a fan of this song it is well crafted and very effective in getting the desired mood across to the listener. Well done. My main complaints are that it lacks variety a bit and stays stagnant with that rather normal tune throughout the song.

Epic and one thing what fillter did you use and do you know any decent cheap/free sound editing software i might me able to get my hands on?


2 nd best nyan cat ever but the other one dosnt count so ...
ps(i wish)

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you can say it's on a slider and i whan't most of the stuff he has so bad

dommi-fresh responds:

i wish it was made into a toy or statue or something that would be cool.

2 things

A. it's realy epic amd awsome B. i'm impressed that you reaspond to so many people

dommi-fresh responds:

yea its cause i am pretty cool and just a really nice person all round........honest.


wow i am just speach less of it's pure awsomeness and words simply can't describe it

dommi-fresh responds:

oh well thats good then

I'm a mechatronics engineer with a decent amount of programming experience, making my own fantasy world for D&D and possibly a massive sandbox MMO-RPG but that's ages away.

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